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LED Lighting - Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5'

  • Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5' - LED  linear 2'-5' DR Model
  • Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5' - LED  linear 2'-5' DR Model
  • Linear LED T8 Lighting
  • advanced energy saving LED room lighting
  • Linear LED T8 Lighting
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Part No.: F–Fixed end caps; S-Standard; F-Frosted lens or C-clear lens
Length (inch):
Color Temp.:
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Product Description

LED T8 Direct Replacement Lamps - Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5'

LED Room Lighting Linear LED T8 Lighting  

LED T8 models available in Glass and Plastic enclosures

 Applications Include:
- General lighting (office, education, medical facilities)
- Warehouse and distribution (high bay fixtures)
- Cooler and refrigeration
- Display case and shelf lighting
- Parking garage

Energy Savings over 40-50% when compared to existing fluorescent T8 and T12 electronic and magnetic ballasted fixture applications.
For additional energy savings of 20 to 30% use with low ballast factor ballast or lighting control system.

Installation is easy and saves money. Just change the existing fluorescent lamps without the need to rewire the light fixture.

Install LED lamp using existing fluorescent ballast.

LED lamp models are available in 3000k, 3500k, 4000k, 5000K, 6000k and 6500k color temperatures. LED lamps available to support 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 8’, U-Bend and TTL/BIAX lamp applications.



Expanded Versatility using

Quick-FitTM Installation Technology

An LED T8 direct replacement lamp, requiring

NO Re-WIRING of the light fixture, providing excellent energy savings when replacing T8 (32W) and T12 (34 and 40W) fluorescent lamps. Installation is easy…just remove existing fluorescent lamps and install the LED linear lamp.

Multi-OpTM (multi-Operation) LED lamp design works with multiple input sources including T8 Electronic Instant Start, T8 Program Start Electronic and T12 Magnetic ballasts.

Direct Replacement lamps

LED linear direct replacement lamp models require NO Re-WIRING of the fluorescent light fixture and provides excellent energy savings when replacing T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps.

Installation is easy…just remove existing fluorescent lamp and install the LED linear lamp.
ELB offers a wide selection of liner fluorescent replacement lamps.

Multi-ABC: Specially designed for 100% compatibility with T8 ballasts. ELB’s special design eliminates all ballast power issue often experienced with other designs. Excellent choice for Resellers and Distributors when selling into projects with unknown ballast types.

The Multi-OpTM  Designed for operation on both T8 and T12 ballast types. Good choice for Contractors and ESCO’s when the ballast type is known and different lamp types are on a project. The Multi-OpTM LED product is the most versatile LED linear lamp on the market today. The LED Multi-OpTM liner lamp is also compatable with most existing fluorescent emergency ballasts.

Contractor Series: LED direct replacement lamp models tuned specifically for replacement of T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps. Good choice for Contractors and ESCO’s when the ballast type is known.

ELB LED linear lamps are also compatible with existing fluorescent battery back-up ballasts.


  • Expanded light distribution angle of 280 degree
  • Excellent for low temperature applications
  • Use with occupancy sensors with frequent starting
  • Instant ON operation
  • Dimmable
  • No flickering
  • No glass or mercury for safer work environments
  • Less lumen deprecation compared to fluorescent systems
  • Meets UL standard 1598c
  • DLC listed models available (pending completion)
  • Long life product (>50,000 hours)
  • Rotatable end caps for refrigeration and shelf applications (optional)
  • 5 Year manufactures warranty



Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5'


Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5'


Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5'

Linear LED T8 Lighting

LED Room Lighting - Linear LED Lighting - Linear LED T8 Lighting - 2’, 3’ , 4’ and 5'

Warranty Information

ELB electronics - Quick-Fit™ Limited Warranty

ELB Electronics, Inc. (ELB) warrants its Quick-Fit ™

LED T8 lamps (Product) to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to operate from date of purchase, for a period of five (5) years and subject to the Terms and Conditions specified below. If lamps fail to operate for the warranty period, ELB will repair or replace the Product or the defective part thereof subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. For purposes of clarity, "repair or replace the Product or the defective part thereof" does not include any removal or reinstallation costs or expenses, including, without limitation, any labor costs or expenses, shipping costs to return non-conforming products or any damages that may occur during the return of product to ELB.


This limited warranty is valid for a period of 5years from date of Purchaser’s purchase (the invoice date) and is based on lamp operation of 12 hours per day, 365 days per year. The 5 year warranty period is only applicable to Products used in combination with low ballast factor (0.77) and normal ballast factor (0.88) Instant-Start ballasts. Products used with high ballast factor ballasts (>1.0), shall have a 4-year warranty period based on 12 hours per day, 365 days per year usage. Purchase receipt for the Product shall be available for inspection by ELB.

ELB, product must be installed and operated under suitable environment conditions and in accordance with manufactures installation guidelines in addition to current local and National Electrical Code or Standards for Safety of Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL). Furthermore, the product must be used with ballasts (including emergency ballasts) that are certified compatible with ELB Quick-Fit™ lamps. This warranty will not apply in the event of conditions demonstrating abnormal use or stress, such as operating temperatures in excess of maximum rated temperatures, under/over voltage conditions, dirty or cracked sockets, or improper lamp or ballast installation.

Product has been purchased directly from an authorized ELB reseller for use in regions that are within the jurisdiction of the United States or Canada. ELB representative shall have access to the failed products and the fixtures used to operate them. If the fixture or other parts become suspect, the representative shall have the right to invite other manufacturers’ representatives to evaluate the lighting system components.


After contacting ELB and receiving a return goods authorization number (RGA), the user shall promptly return the product at the user’s expense to ELB after receiving instructions as to if, when and where to ship product. Failure to follow this procedure shall void this warranty. Defective products returned after 30 days of RGA’s date will not be accepted and credit will not be issued for replacement parts.


The foregoing shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy of the purchaser and the sole and exclusive liability of ELB. ELB will not, under any circumstance, whether as a result of breach of contract or warranty, tort, or otherwise, be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, including lost profit of revenues or any other costs or damages. This limited warranty does not apply to damage or failure to perform arising as a result of any acts of God or from any abuse, misuse, abnormal use, powers surges, corrosive environments, neglect, or any use or installation in violation of the instructions or restrictions prescribed by ELB or any applicable standard or code, including those contained in the latest National Electrical Code, Standards for Safety of Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL), Standards for the American Standards Institute (ANSI), and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

This limited warranty shall become void in the event any repairs or alterations not authorized by ELB in writing are made to the Product by any person.

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