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ELB LED Direct replacement 4’ compatibility challenge: WIN $2500


ELB Electronics, Inc. understands the high costs associated with LED direct replacement 4’ lamps which are NOT compatible with the existing fluorescent ballasts. To eliminate costs related to unplanned electrician expenses changing to AC wired lamps, product returns or last minute ballast replacements ELB Electronics has designed and manufactured the first LED direct replacement 100% ballast compatible lamp for operation on T8 and T12 ballasts.

To reinforce the confidence in the ELB LED Multi-ABC 4' Direct Replacement Lamp compatibility, ELB Electronics has created the “Direct Replacement LED lamp Compatibility Challenge’ and is prepared to pay $2500 to Distributors, Contractors or Resellers customers who identifies a ballast which I not compatible with the ELB LED Multi-100 lamp. Refer to program details below.

Compatibility Challenge Details:

1) Qualified participants - The challenge is open to ELB customers who have purchased and installed the ELB LED Multi-100 lamp(s). Customers should be prepared to provide a copy of the receipt showing the model # and date of purchase.

2) Definition of non-compatible ballast – The ELB Multi-op lamp not starting using a fluorescent Instant Start, Program Start or Rapid Start ballast which is operating within ANSI ballast specifications. Ballast must be capable of operating the designated fluorescent lamp.

3) Claims - Customers claiming to have found a non-compatible ballast should provide the following information -
    a. Description of issue
    b. Manufactures model number of ballast (photo of ballast label)
    c. Description of fixture type and photo of fixture
    d. Fixture operating voltage
    e. Ability to ship the ballast to ELB for review upon request

In the event that a non-compatible ballast is identified ELB will create a list of said ballasts. Only one payout will be available for each model number submitted. Duplicate model numbers will not be considered as program entries.

4) Program time line - The program is intended to be long running. ELB Electronics has the right to cancel the Challenge at their discretion.

5) Payment- Payment will be provided to first participant who identifies a unique ballast model number. Once a ballast model number has been identified there is no further payments to subsequent entry of same part number