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ELB introduces additional LED direct replacement lamp models for T5 lamps

Posted on 29th Apr 2015 @ 7:12 PM

ELB LED T5 direct replacement lamp, requiring NO Re-WIRING of the light fixture, providing excellent energy savings when replacing T5(28W) fluorescent lamps operated on T5 fluorescent electronic ballasts.Installation is easy...just remove existing fluorescent lamps and install the LED linear lamp. If the existing ballast fails just replace the ballast with similar T5 fluorescent electronic ballast.


Energy Savings over existing fluorescent T5 electronic ballasted fixture applications. For additional energy savings of 20 to 30% use with low ballast factor ballast or lighting control system. Installation is easy and saves money.
Just change the existing lamps without the  need to rewire the light fixture.



  • Expanded light distribution angle of 280 degrees
  • Excellent for low temperature applications
  • Use with occupancy sensors with frequent starting
  • Instant ON operation
  • Dimmable with optional ELB LED driver
  • No flickering
  • No glass or mercury for safer work environments
  • Less lumen depreciation compared to fluorescent systems
  • Meets UL standard 1598c and UL standard 1993
  • Long life product (>50,000 hours)
  • 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty