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ELB introduces NEW LED driver fluorescent lighting control with RF wireless communications

Posted on 26th Nov 2012 @ 1:17 AM

Fluorescent Lighting Control

ELB Electronics is committed to designing, manufacturing and selling affordable fluorescent dimming ballasts.

It is our belief that to maximize a lighting systems operational efficiency and provide premium occupant comfort and flexibility fluorescent dimming products should and can be utilized in all applications. The limiting factor restricting the use of lighting controls has been product, installation and support costs. ELB’s new smarter electronic ballasts for T8 applications with combined functions fluorescent lighting control is now a lot more affordable. Contact an ELB representative for additional information.  

LED fluorescent lighting control RF wireless communication

ELB introduces new LED driver with RF wireless communications. This new product supports wireless mesh communications operating NXP’s Jennic RF platform providing system flexibility and a cost effective solutions. Initial product offering will be available as an option with the ELB simple RF wireless lighting control evaluation solution. Contact ELB or additional information.