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INTRODUCING ELB’s simple RF wireless lighting control evaluation solution

Posted on 26th Nov 2012 @ 1:15 AM

Wireless Lighting Control

To provide building, occupants, facility managers and ESCO’s the ability to experience the flexibility and simplicity of installing and using fluorescent wireless lighting control ELB offers an evaluation starter kit. Each evaluation kit contains 2 fluorescent dimming ballasts, manual remote and user assignment software. Additional components are available for daylight harvesting, Occupancy control and other standard control options.

RF wireless lighting control EVALUATION KIT ballats led lamps

ELB continues to design innovative fluorescent dimming ballasts which improve the overall project Return On Investment (ROI). Many lighting control devices (occupancy sensors, wireless control modules, etc.) used in a fluorescent dimming systems operate using 24VDC and therefore require 120/277VAC power packs. Although considered low priced the cost of installation combined with the unit price typically adds $45 to $65 additional cost per control point. To eliminate the need for power packs ELB electronics has developed a 0-10VDC dimming ballasts with external DC power (24VDC) to power the sensor / control interface eliminating the additional cost of the power pack and installation.

RF Wireless Lighting Control Kit